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Our Story

Hello and welcome to Home of Chi, your safe space for growth, healing, and mindful practices.

Home of Chi is a place where everyone and anyone can come to find balance and harmony while indulging in an experience personalized to their own needs. It’s a place where together, we learn to grow in love, happiness, and courage, and harness the immense healing power that lives within us.

Home of Chi is a soul-based creation that was founded by two special women, Rita and Marie-Claire, whose paths have crossed to create a magical sanctuary where individuals can feel safe and supported throughout their journey of inner work and growth. Marie-Claire and Rita are here to guide you through a life-changing journey of self-discovery and self-healing. They will impart their wisdom on meditation and holistic healing, empowering you to make life-changing shifts.

Our Beliefs

As human beings, we are always seeking connection. We believe that the highest form of connection a person can achieve is with oneself as it contributes to the elevation of collective consciousness. Seeing that every individual holds a universe within, our approach is based on the person as a whole, focusing on restoring the balance between Mind, Body, and Soul.

Our Mission

We aim to support our clients on their own unique healing journey toward reconnecting with their inner selves. Our goal is to help them unlock their highest potential, find inner peace, and ultimately awaken their self-healing power.

We encourage our clients to embrace their true, authentic selves and relinquish all fears and negative feelings holding them back. Through a guided journey of mindfulness, balance, and holistic healing, we give our clients the tools they need to be receptive to energies that nourish the body and soul.

Living mindfully with

Living holistically with