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Here is Marie-Claire’s transformative journey to creating Home of Chi:

“I grew up in a dysfunctional family, with an emotionally unavailable father and a strong-willed mother who instilled in me the belief that expressing emotions was a sign of weakness. In search of affection, I found myself in toxic relationships, tolerating mental, emotional, and physical abuse without truly understanding the root causes or knowing how to break free.

In 2015, I moved to Dubai and met my husband, who became my first experience of genuine love. His love inspired me to seek better things for myself. However, I soon realized that relying solely on this relationship would not heal the deep wounds within me. I understood that I needed to embark on an internal journey of self-discovery. It took time for me to stop running away from my feelings; the more I suppressed them, the more I felt disconnected from myself. Despite having everything a woman could desire -a loving husband, a promising career, and a beautiful life- I couldn’t find true happiness. 

It was only when I discovered yoga, incorporating it into my daily routine, and delving into the world of meditation and holistic healing that I started to reconnect with my inner self. I began listening to my intuition and facing past traumas head-on, honoring my emotions by pausing and allowing them to be acknowledged and heard. I underwent detoxification of my mind, body, and soul, unlearning the patterns I had adopted during my childhood. Through this process, I reconnected with my inner child and began healing my wounded parts. 

I wanted to rediscover the creative,  sensitive, and compassionate version of myself. I embraced my openness, vulnerability, and softness. I had changed before my own eyes.

From the very beginning, my healing journey was intentional. It brought me stillness, and connected me to my purpose and true self, leading me back to myself and to what matters most. 

Driven by a desire to share what I had learned, I immersed myself in studying energy and holistic healing, with the aim of guiding others on their own paths of self-healing. I strongly believe that we’re all capable of healing and that reconnecting with ourselves is the key to doing so. By peeling off the layers that accumulated throughout our life experiences, we leave space for our authentic selves to emerge, bringing forth peace and harmony. Holistic healing gave me a new perspective on life and transformed me into a better person, partner, and mother”.