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Home of Chi – FAQ

What is holistic healing?

Taking a holistic approach to healing is about nurturing every part of ourselves, mind, body, and soul through mindfulness, healthy habits, self-care, movement & food. It’s having the awareness that each of these areas connect and influence one another.
Holistic healing means being intentional in your life, starting with your thoughts. How do you speak to yourself? Are you kind and compassionate with yourself?
It is believing in our body’s ability to heal itself by accessing the inner healing power that we all possess, our inner pharmacy.
Holistic healing is about remembering who we truly are; Through simple, natural and very effective ways of healing we can become aligned with our truer self.
Throughout this healing journey, you will uncover a version of you that you never knew existed.

I’m a beginner and new to this world - Where do I start?

At HOC, we offer a variety of group and private classes in different holistic practices that are catered to beginners as well as experienced clients.
Our qualified teachers will guide you step by step throughout this journey, because we believe that every person has his/her own journey and pace.

What type of classes /sessions do you offer at Home of Chi?

You can access our range of group and private classes through this link:

Do you offer online classes?

No, all our classes are done in the studio.

How can I know the prices of your classes?

You can click on this link to know more about our prices

How can I book a session?

You can explore our sessions and book here

Are there any cancellation fees?

No, if the cancellation is done 24 hours in advance. The fees will be refunded in half if the cancelation is done within 24 hours.

How can I stay updated with upcoming special events and classes?

Follow us on IG to stay up to date with all our upcoming classes and events.

How can I apply to the corporate wellness program?

You can access the Mindful corporate program through this link and submit your request. We will review it and revert back in a short time.

How can I become an instructor at HOC?

Wishing to become part of our lovely team? Please contact us on this email

Can I rent the HOC space for a private event?

YES, make our place yours by raising your request through this link.

Can we buy your products online?

No, our products can be bought in-store only.

Do you deliver?

No we do not deliver.